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Warid IM Over SMS Service

Thursday July 1, 2010 | 4:19 AM words: 231

Warid now introduces IM Over SMS service to its subscribers which allows them to send Instant Messages over different Instant Messengers without having GPRS enabled on their handsets for ‘just’ Rs. 1+ tax/ SMS. To me its quite expensive service and who would want to spend Rs. 1.20 per SMS when they can contact them via call or regular SMS for lower price. Seriously, I don’t understand the purpose of this service. To people who want to use this service, details are given below.

How to use this service?

You just need to send <EmailAddress> <EmailPassword> to 1126 through SMS. i.e. abc@msn.com abc123 to 1126

You will receive an SMS from the service with the list of available online friends. Just reply to the SMS and start chatting.


Commands List (send these commands to 1126 in an SMS)

  • To Login in to your account: <EmailAddress> <EmailPassword>
  • To Log In to all accounts: ON
  • To Log Out from Account (s): OFF
  • Received Available Contact List: FRIENDS
  • View your saved accounts: ACC
  • Remove an Account: REMOVE <EmailAddress>
  • Get command list and other service instructions: HELP
  • Change Status: STATUS

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