Samsung Smart TV, Features, Price & Specifications

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Samsung smart TV is a revolutionary new product from Samsung. Samsung Smart TV combines the TV with the power of internet. You can directly connect to internet to download videos, web surfing, do chat with friends, search for movies, music and many more.

samsung smart TV

The main features of Samsung Smart TV include:


Using Smart HUB you can download various Apps to search for TV content while watching live TV, to surf the web on your TV, stay connected with friends and family, find movie recommendations and so much more

Web Browser

Surf the net on your TV. A dedicated web browser, optimised for use with your Samsung smart TV, offers you a truly engaging and interactive online experience. Search, shop, connect, network – it’s up to you.

Search All

Samsung Search All brings you easy ways to locate shows you want to watch – even while you’re viewing live TV – and helps series 8000, 7000 and 6000 owners find related content on the web.

Social TV

Samsung’s SNS TV feature lets you blog and chat about the shows you love – through sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk – while you’re still watching live TV. Please note that SNS TV availability depends on the region.


Skype on your Samsung TV lets you make free Skype-to-Skype video calls to anywhere in the world – just plug in a TV camera and you’re ready to go – and calls to landlines and mobiles at drastically reduced rates.

Samsung Smart TV Prices in Pakistan


Samsung Smart TV 8 Series

60" D8000 LED TV Price Rs. 8,00,000
55" D8000 LED TV Price Rs. 4,49,990

Samsung Smart TV 7 Series

46" D7000 LED TV Price Rs. 3,10,990

Samsung Smart TV 6 Series

55" D6600 LED TV Price Rs. 4,00,000
46" D6600 LED TV Price Rs. 3,39,990
40" D6600 LED TV Price Rs. 2,00,000
46" D6000 LED TV Price Rs. 2,20,000
40" D6000 LED TV Price Rs. 1,60,990
32" D6000 LED TV Price Rs. 1,12,900

Samsung Smart TV 5 Series

46" D5500 LED TV Price Rs. 1,80,900
40" D5500 LED TV Price Rs. 1,30,900

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