Nokia Dual SIM Wifi Mobiles

Wednesday December 7, 2011 | 12:23 AM words: 266

Are you looking for Nokia phone which has dual SIM option with Wi-Fi? Then I feel you have wait bit more, because there isn't anything like this announced by Nokia yet.

Nokia has a huge mobile phones portfolio, mobiles for almost every segment of life. Nokia mobiles are known for their quality and durability. As mobile phone industry is evolving at lightning speed so keep up with competitions is even difficult of giants like Nokia.

Nokia Dual SIM With SIM

Nokia which in the past only relying on Symbian OS has now started looking into other options like Android and Windows Phone OS keeping in the view customers’ interest.

Nokia last year introduced its first entry level dual SIM mobile phones seeking dual SIM market has a great potential and lots of Chinese brand are offering dual SIM mobiles and have captured a reasonable amount of market share in entry level mobile phones.

Currently, Nokia is again facing the same challenge of not having and product which is not cheap, offers dual SIM support has a Wi-Fi and some rocking new Android or WP 7 OS.

Nokia currently has a couple of good Dual SIM mobile phones, but they don't have Wi-Fi and runs Symbian OS. I feel we have wait a little longer for all these features delivered in one package.

Nokia Dual SIM Mobiles:

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