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Tuesday March 30, 2010 | 3:13 AM words: 192

"This game is a Tetris clone."
It`s a Tetris clone... Features the usual stuff - resizing, saving and music are the most important advantages over some of the other clones out there.Current version fixes all bugs (and feature requests) mentioned in reviews; please say if you run across any new ones.

New in 3.1: New end music, small music bug fixed (the turning on music on level change bug).
New in 3.0: Finally, a high score table and a next piece preview, which can be on or off. Also should have fixed a little 'pause' bug on Nokias, and added a blur/pause on the end-screen. Includes major graphics changes under the hood (should be faster/use less battery), so please say if you encounter problems.

Jetris (Tetris game) 3.1 Screenshot


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Last Updated: April 13, 2009
License: Freeware Free
Platform: Java
Requirements: No special requirements
Publisher: publisher
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