Firefox 5 For Android Download

Thursday June 23, 2011 | 7:49 AM words: 238

Once present on the desktop, Mozilla has finally released the Firefox 5 for Android. What features are there on this latest browser?

Firefox 5 has some interesting features that did not exist in previous versions. In addition to a more fashionable appearance, performance was improved Javascript processing so that makes it faster when opening a web page. Not satisfied only on the desktop, Mozilla Firefox was released 5 for Android.

Developers at Mozilla claims Firefox 5 faster than tripled compared with Android default browser. Because the merger JIT JaegerMonkey with javascript engine in it are believed to open up web pages faster and better graphics quality.

What’s New in Firefox 5 for Android ?
  • Added Do Not Track privacy feature, enabling users to tell websites if they prefer to opt-out of online behavioral tracking
  • Improved page load speed, especially on 3G networks, and improved overall panning responsiveness
  • Improved compatibility with SwiftKey keyboard
  • Continued growth to mobile add-ons gallery, including over 20 featured add-ons
Firefox 5 is available for Android phones (2.0 and above) and the Nokia N900, to get the latest version of Firefox on your Android device visit Android Market.Tags:

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