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Friday August 6, 2010 | 12:20 AM words: 261

Like iPhone users now Android Users have facebook app. Facebook for Android is a free applications offers many of the features that you've come to expect on the iPhone app and the full version of the site.

Android for Facebook Application

The Android facebook app You can scan your news feed, view your friends' walls and user information, comment on status updates, hit the "like" button. Using Android Facebook App you can take and upload photos, add new friends and post status updates of your own. Moreover Android facebook app provides a notification widget to your home screen and you even can shake to refresh your news feed. While so far, Facebook for Android looks quite promising it still has some limitations. For instance it's neither possible to tag photos nor is it possible to see who likes a status. Facebook for Android only shows the number of Likes. Contrary to the official Windows Mobile version, it's also not possible to upload videos to Facebook. Facebook for Android v1.0 is a good start but it needs further improvements to make it competeable with other Facebook applications, available for Android today. There is big mis understanding that Facebook for Android is developed by the facebook development team, however Android facebook app is developed by Google with help of facebook.

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